Leaving our mark on the future...

leaving our mark on the schools future

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is a week we get the chance to thank all of our wonderful teachers for all that they do.  The families of MHNS host two morning brunches and two afternoon luncheons in March.  Our children also make a sentimental gift to present to our teachers.  

Favorite Things Baskets

Each class was asked to have their child give the teacher a gift that represents their favorite thing.  This could be anything from cookbooks, note cards, gift cards, books, music, etc.  All items were collected in a gift basket and presented to the teachers as an extra special thank you for everything they do for our children.

Teacher Brunch/Luncheons

Each year we asked MHNS families to volunteer to bring in brunch and luncheon items for the teachers.  For two days we provided brunch in the teachers kitchen for them to grab some yummy treats at their leaisure.  The other two days we have luncheons for the teachers at Historic Hebron House.  A beautiful buffet is provided by parents, decorations made by our children, and sentimental gifts made by our children or parents are given that the teachers can take home with them.